It's been a while since the last pose.
This framed diorama I made before my Lady Olynder. It was just a test but I turned out really cool.
It was really fun to made it and I was inspired by Angels of death on warhammer+.
What I like about it and what my main focus was, I tried to focus ervey line and the colours on the terminator in the middle. And with the design of the frame it was finalized.
The paint job is okay nothing special.
Hope you like it too.
Thanks for watching

Finished in May 2023
  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Mate, this is truly awesome. My hat off.

  • Ildar "Ivy" Valishin

    A tough squad! But the valve on the wall is positioned high even for troopers $)) Gold

    • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

      Yes, it is to high :) but I didn’t want to put in right height, because you couldn’t see it, if it would be there. :) but there are stairs intne background.

  • girlpainter57


  • Eugene Dravskikh

    For the emperor! Very atmospheric painting. Gold for these heroes

  • Alexander "Skrytnik" Loskutov

    Very cool! Gold

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really like the full setup, the composition, the guiding lines and the colors. Paintjobs work well in that scene. Overall really, really impactful. The only question I have is: Who closed that door behind them and how. The “boarding” in the title does not play well with that closed door. Either they stand too close to a door that has closed, or they closed it after boarding and then stepped back to stand before it or they are backing up in front of that door, defending themselves before they can open that door to ran away (which does not make sense at all) ... Just a small brain problem that I have. It is mine, do not make it yours. Keep on happy painting!

    • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

      Thank you Roman. After reading comment I had to think about it.  The title fited in my mind. Maybe the boarding action is behind the door and it is the last stand of these four guys?

  • Štěpán Tichý

    Very cool scene. I love how the old sculpt of the terminator with the hands spread out is very menacing and ready t fight anyone. Good composition and painting! Awesome job.

  • Roman Kuznetsov

    Beasty Boys - “Three MC’s and One DJ”

    • Marius "Der Stone "Stein

      My head is playing intergalactic right now. Very loud! ;) thank you Roman!

  • vincenzo gambinoPLUS

    perfect ... gold