Halvdan - Space Wolves Terminator
Job: Basing, Convertition, Painting
Scale: 1:32 mm Heroic
Manufactorer: GamesWorkshop

The second member of the squad of Terminators.

Hope you like it

  • Ildar "Ivy" Valishin

    Just like the LED in the hammer! How did you make snow?

    • DerGoe

      Thank you.

      It is just Matt varnish mixed with Natron

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Great to see that your photos are getting better. The hammer really glows and I am glad to see your skills improving. I could imagine -depending on the time you want to invest in your miniatures and their goal (gaming or display) - that you could add a tiny bit more highlights into the light situation on the dark greys, maybe even with a little bit of weathering texture. Next time you bring one of these I show you what I mean with brush or foam to stibble in hand. Also the face could recieve a bit more definition via deeper midtones around the eyes, nose and under the checkbones. Lovely Space Wolve! Keep on happy painting!

    • DerGoe

      Thank you so much Roman for your honest and constructive Critic. I am trying to put as much love in these terminators as I can and I am glad that you recognise my improvements. Well I am on my journey and just trying out how far I can get. I would definitely love to see that,the next time I enter the Batcave. And yeah you are right, now that you mentioned it, I see, that the face lacks of midtones. Cheers to you my friend and keep those awesome critics up.

  • Štěpán Tichý

    Ohoho, this is a proper soldier on his way to defeat forces of chaos. Great job on converting and painting the figure. One thing, which drags this down to me is the face. It kinda fades as it is very pale and not centered. Everything else is about the rule of cool and I like that!

    • DerGoe

      Thank you very much, I am trying to give the next one some extra love with the face. Cheers