This started as a study of atmosphere using underlying paint and clearly dividing two sides one hot and one cold.
staying away from black and white only using colors set for each side.

the fluorescent colors brought the pop in this case, really happy with the outcome.

you can follow my work here :
  • Ryan "Poisonrrivy" Ivy

    Looks really awesome, well done. In particular the OSL on the backside of the model.

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Juicy colors and ambience! Gold!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Lovely study with a great outcome. The bird is truely hot and the warm side really works well. I am not sure about the cold side as the “ice yellow” highlights there does not play the trick of cold in the highlights for me. Due the yellow they still connect too much to the warm side for me, but please keep this as my personal perspective.

    I think the next stage in such a wonderful osl study is to tackle several more rounds in defining different materials and their reflective nature a bit more intensely. Nonetheless this is really strong! Keep on happy painting!

    • Peter Lundström aka WitnessMyMinisPLUS

      thanks for the feedback Roman , duly noted about the ice yellow, I think you are right on point with the next steps I should be focusing on and this is what I struggle with I think at the moment with this strong ambient lights how to define the different materials. I’ll keep on practicing and happy painting of course ;)