This is a Warhammer mini from a box set of 4 called Khagra's Ravagers. They're the first 4 minis I painted when I returned to the hobby in 2022. I've started re-painting them individually and this is the first one finished.

I knew I wanted to go for a vibe of an 8-bit Castlevania game on a CRT screen. I don't use red much but red seemed appropriate. I went colorful and impressionistic with the blue armor and axe blade while keeping the red more grounded to play the two off of each other.

The skull on the belt started looking almost iridescent when I used a peachy-pink on one side and slightly greenish yellow on the other side. I thought this fit in well with the 8-bit game on CRT screen idea so I ran with it.

I kept the base fairly monotone to not distract from the colorful character.

I started with my favorite palette I've been using lately:
- Titanium White (Schmincke Primacryl)
- Cadmium Yellow Light (Liquitex Heavy Body)
- Cadmium Orange (Schmincke Primacryl)
- Quinacridone Magenta (Liquitex Acrylic Gouache)
- Phthalo Blue green shade (Liquitex Acrylic Gouache)
- Raw Umber (Golden Fluid Acrylics)

plus special quest appearances from
- Naphthol Red Light (Liquitex Heavy Body)
- Pyrrole Crimson (Liquitex Heavy Body)
  • Majesty

    Thank you for your hard work. Thank you.

    • Andy Ford

      My pleasure =)

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really like this one, Andy. He feels so painterly, so dramaticly 80’s Fantasy. It suits him really well! Such a strong atmosphere with details exactly in the right spots! Well done! Keep on happy painting!

    • Andy Ford

      Thank you so much Roman for taking the time to share your feedback and kind words of encouragement. It really means a lot to me!