I wanted to create something to memorialize my boy Jack. After a very sudden and sadly fatal development, my boy lost his ability to make redbblood cells due to an unknown autoimmune disorder. Which was absolutely devastating to me and his siblings. But with this piece, I hope to capture how I remember him. A strong little guy, full of energy and the determination to go on adventures.

I also approached this to put him in my favorite season, autumn. While he was here, fall always felt like the time of year that I could go out with him and have fun playing in the fallen leaves. This let me do all sorts of fun color combinations. With purple shadows and foliage with a mix of reds and brown with a scattered bit of green.

I truly still miss him dearly and I hope you all can see how much with this art I made for him.

This model comes from Lord of the Print and their Tales of Archduke Mousin release.

The colors used ranged from my single pigment ones from Kimera to a few of my favorites from GW's paint pot range. But mainly, I used my Vallejo paints to fill out the colors needed for this project
  • Josh "Zozimus" Pattison

    This is really amazing.  I’m so sorry about its origin.  It is a beautiful tribute.

    • Nate Boyles

      Thanks. I miss him a lot but I’m happy to have this representation on my shelf

  • Denis Izotov

    This is a very beautiful piece. I can see how much love you put into this.

  • Roman Kuznetsov