This owl was a commissioned piece for a friend. The model came from etsy but I have found it printable under the name Owlfolk Druid from Bite the Bullet. It came with a small 3D printed base that I encorperated into the small plinth diorama that I made from cork, treebark, rocks and local roots that I cut and foraged to make the tree. With some addional Army Painter's tufts and a mix of snow materials (and sand primed and painted to look like snow)
  • Filgja

    Great lights and shadows, nice work!

    • Nate Boyles

      Thanks so much. This one was quite the journey to build and paint.

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This is a beautiful diorama! I can feel the warm light of the lamp actually. Pretty cool! Keep on happy painting!

    • Nate Boyles

      Thanks! Warm light vs. Cool shadows always remains as one of my favorites ways to light a scene.

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Great and cute diorama! I like it a lot!

    • Nate Boyles

      Thanks! I’m especially proud of the tree and his footprints on this one