This head bust is part of my alien creature series.
"The Aspichelonara is a fascinating alien creature native to the lush jungles of the planet Zyrak Prime.
Resembling a fusion between a terrestrial turtle and a serpent, this enigmatic species embodies a striking blend of grace and strength.
Its massive, armored shell, reminiscent of ancient Earth turtles, is adorned with iridescent patterns that shimmer under the planet's dual suns. This shell serves not only as protection but also as a canvas for intricate displays used in communication and mating rituals.
The Aspichelonara's elongated body is covered in scales that range in various colors. This allows it to seamlessly blend into its dense jungle habitat. Six powerful limbs, each tipped with razor-sharp claws, propel it gracefully through the treetops with astonishing agility."

The Resin Kit is available here:

Model painted by Martin Wnuck