“ A New Friend “
Little Corgi meets a new friend in the big forest. It is like we are small in the industry,and got lost but have met the dragons one with a formidable look But did not know that dragons are friendly and can be friends with us more than you think.
And this is the work concept that represents me as I have opened the world and met new friends at MALCOM 2023.
My Experience from this work
- Planning work carefully before doing it.
- Time management for each process must be clearer.
- Reference must be tight and must Lock it, don't change it in the middle of the way, otherwise you have to change the whole job
- Use more variety of colors Not too playsafe
- orderliness of work For example, around the base or the base must be kept more.
- Don't play too big because it will be more difficult in every step mentioned.
- Play big but have to calculate the carrying back and forth
Thank You for All comment form Judge :
Safe Na Ja
KAHA Katarzyna Górska
Kenneth Tan (Kolective SG channel)
ภณิชกุล นะคำ
Thank you for all the advice and comments.
See you again in the next event.