Hello you lovely people!

I want to share with you my latest "finished" piece Judith, by @golemminiatures. It is a sculpture based on a painting by August Riedel from 1840 and it really spoke to me as it is fierce, calm and stoic. However, painting this was not an easy job for me. I started to paint this last year, repainted it, miliputed the pattern on the shawl, repainted it and during this almost a year flew by. Now, I wanted to finish this piece but found out that I am fighting what I've already painted. And so I did just some retouches and called her finished. Thankfully, she looks better in real life, rather the pictures.

We tend to share only the best and greatest pieces on social media, but I think failure is what drives us the most. And that is why I am sharing not my best work, but some work, which taught me a lot.

I look at my cabinet of WIPs, which I want to continue and finish, and I feel a little bit disconnected from them and anxious about having so many works started. Competitions are near and I want to move on and not be dragged down by previous mistakes. I will have to find a balance.

So for now I share with you my Judith a finished piece.

Take care and paint more.