- Welcome Home -

Hi all,

This bust represent my life long struggle with my mind.

It's not the best thing I've ever painted obviously, but it means something to me to be able to translate some of these feelings and thoughts into painting, which was made possible by this great bust from @carlo_miniatures !

I wrote the demons and feelings I fight in my head on the arms as they drag the girl down into the ground. (As being grounded again after trying to rise up)

I've made the girl and the arms visibly scarred and wounded as it feels like a fight that never ends and has no winners.

I hope you like it, even if it's a bit grim xD
  • Steph.DPLUS

    J’adore, vote Or pour toi ;)

  • Tommy Gunn

    It’s very creepy but the flesh tones on the hands and arms are great.

    As a suggestion, put the second picture as the main picture.  You get a better idea of the story from the second picture.

  • Martin Vermeulen (Nighthawk)

    The sculpt alone is representing something eerie one should definitely never have to face. Yet you’ve succeeded the challenge to make it a very personal piece. This reflects how strong a person you must be.
    To my opinion It’s a very powerful piece of work!