Some time ago I had the pleasure to take part in Brushstroke 2023 in Warsaw (@thanks Michał for organizing @miniaturenightpainting), a 2-days meeting of some amazing painters, where we all painted the same miniature - The Kiss from Scientific Models. Some of the outcome can be found in this gallery and here is mine.

The Kiss can be interpreted in so many ways. I've already seen pation, violance, passing of time and others I dare not to put into a single phrase. Out of a dozen of different own ideas I've finally chosen the one, which depicts lenghty discussions I had with my wife about this miniature and (spoiler alert!) lack of agreement on this :). Therefore, I wanted the viewer to decide. And although I initially picked different tools to achieve the goal, I appreciate all the remarks at the Brushstroke 2023 that helped me get to the point I am happy with. I hope you like it too.