This another one of my slightly experimental dioramas. For me, this one provides a clearer narrative by following the standard rule of reading left to right (from the 'front' of the diorama, anyway) and mimicking the structure of a comic with the framing.

It does suffer from needing good light to make it really viewable, but I was also trying to create a narrative that you can read from just the silhouettes.

All in 1:72 scale, so the details are super tiny.
  • Duncan Weatherhead (donchadminis)

    Amazing creative composition and rendering at such a small scale!

  • Steph.DPLUS

    Gold ;)

  • Filgja

    Great! Lots of details! Original idea!

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Cool! Uncommon, with the plot and idea, with good performance! Gold!

  • Denis Izotov

    it’s super cool and creative!

  • TimPLUS

    Really great stuff dude, I love these dioramas you’re doing at the moment- gold

    • Fet Milner

      Cheers, Tim - they’re lots of fun

  • Christoph KPLUS

    Can’t wait to see it life, pun accidental

    • Fet Milner

      Hope it lives up to expectations!

  • Mike Reckhaus

    Absolutely Gold