Something very different today.

It was difficult to build the vehicle but the scene was fun to make.

  • OrigalumPLUS

    Very authentic gangsters theme. Good work

    • Tommy Gunn

      Thanks Origalum.  The perp put up a good fight but the police got him in the end!

    • OrigalumPLUS

      Maybe lack of some weathering (dust, dirt, bullet holes and scratches etc.) on the car, but still, I just feel those ages atmosphere

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"


    • Tommy Gunn

      Thank you Nakatan.

  • Tommy Gunn

    Thanks Origalum.  I know what you mean.  I was tempted to go the Godfather toll booth scene and blast the vehicle to shreds.
    This way it is a bit more like the James Cagney era.

  • Patrice-VincentPLUS

    L’ambiance est là et même en l’absence d’une figurine l’histoire est parfaitement claire. Bien joué ! Or

    • Tommy Gunn

      Thank you very much Patrice-Vincent.

  • Holger SchwarzPLUS

    Very nice Oldtimer ! Es gab wirklich viel schönes in der alten Zeit Tommy !

    • Tommy Gunn

      Thank you Holger.

  • Steven ZuleskiPLUS

    Excellent, Tommy!

    • Tommy Gunn

      Appreciated indeed, Steven.

  • Chris "Thor" B

    Scene is nicely put together :)

    • Tommy Gunn

      Thank you Chris.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Epic :) angels with dirty faces :) this is golden

    • Tommy Gunn

      Thanks John.  If you are wondering, the violin case is on the back seat.

  • Nik Ableev

    This is cool!  I like it

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Something happened here oO

    • Tommy Gunn

      Appreciated Roman.