Finally, I've gotten good pictures of this figure!
Hope you like it ... pure psychic energy! : D

Gold MP Torrent 2014
Gold MP Modelismo Estático de Zaragoza 2013
SIlver MP Almogavers 2013
  • Lukas Wiggering

    I like the overall mood and setting as well as the quality of the paint job. But the usage of plants as psychic energy is a bit out of place/kind of strange.

    • BerenMiniatura

      ;) Thanks for commenting, the scene is open to interpretation of the public, I can tell you what my intention with it, but prefer not to :). Yes, they are plastic plants, cork base, and metal eldar XD usual;). That said, thanks for coment. a hug

  • Ekaitz Zárraga

    Nice paintjob, perfect OSL… I remember when I watched it in Donostia 2 years ago… :)
    Cogollo powah.

    • BerenMiniatura

      yeah! cogollo powah! :D
      Thanks for comment!

  • Winterland

    Good efect

  • Jason Zhou

    Pretty nice. Amazing atmosphere and OSL effect!