7 full time work weeks to finish this big scene with 4 75 mm knightmodels miniatures and a converted RC car to fit somewhere in new york during film's battle but with comics looking.
Entered in World Expo Stresa in fantasy master painting and rewarded with silver and special NKGC price to best sci-fi / fantasy figure.
  • Lee Hebblethwaite (10 ball)


  • Roman LappatPLUS


  • Jason Zhou

    Superb scene setup and paintwork!

  • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

    I really love this piece

    The only thing that stopped me giving it a gold was that some of it is almost too soft… some parts look really realistic like the scales on Thor and Iron Man’s armour, but (and this could be due to the photos) some of the more organic areas like the Thor’s cloak and The Hulk’s skin don’t quite work for me.

    I hope you don’t mind my critique!

    • Javier González; "Arsies"

      No, absolutely, you’re right, armonize a such big scene with som many different textures and colors is way hard, and even if i’m very happy with Hulk’s skin individually, this is the only one green element on scene so it was very hard to add it propertly and works not as better as other things. Thor’s cloak is another thing, It’s texturized, maybe could be seen better in other bigger photos, but in those ones looks really soft and seems out place, I thought the same when I painted first time without texture so that why I changed it.

    • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

      Thanks for the response Javier - I can imagine that balance/harmony must have been quite a feat! And I really must emphasise that I was being quite particular with my critique, it was just something that jumped out at me - I really love what you have done :)

      Kind regards

  • Archontis Kitsios

    Congratulations, well deserved awards!

  • Ivan Fernández "miniatures_ivan"


  • Konstantin <SUNchazer> Malyovanko