• Sash

    Hi, what a big dragon. I like the green athmosphere. Seems a lot of work. General I dislike GW darkelves, but you did such a great work that I love it.
    Did you use an airbrush?
    Best wishes

    • Isabel aka "Nils"

      Hi Sash. Thank you for writting to me.
      I love the big figures. Now I am painting the female Troll of ForgeWorld to compete in the Golden Demon this year.
      It is 70% airbrush ;)

  • Winterland

    Good job

  • Lee Hebblethwaite (10 ball)

    Nice work :)

  • Jonathan Hart

    I love this! The green is a good choice and I can see that the rider is very well painted! 10 puntacos!!!!! (Oro) ;)

  • Atilla GUC

    So nice paint, well done!