This is for me one of the most characteristics minis around. I saw it and instantly it remembered me of the of the old Errol Flynt Robbin Hood movies. So Robin has to stand on a tree and there shall be a small stream under the tree.

Thanks to Max I really could improve my paint skills on this miniature. One of the biggest things I learned was how to paint wrinkles taking zenithal light into account.

Thanks Max! Hope you all enjoy it as I did painting it.
  • Sash

    Hi Matthias,
    A wonderfull miniature. Errol looks very good on the tree.
    Maybe you could next time give more deepness to the shades using darker and other colours in the shades.
    I love the expression on his face and his eyes. Thank you for showing.

  • Matthias H

    Hi Shash, Thanks for the nice comment and the hints. Will use it when painting my next minitaure.