Imperial Knight of Nurgle
Evening everyone!

So i have finished the Imperial Knight of Nurgle commission at last!

As i have waited a long time for this mini, it was a total pleasure, to work on it from the beginning - to the very end. The whole process took me a month, and it was my biggest project so far - especially sculpting-wise, and i must admit, that i'm happy with the end result.

Hope that you will like him!

Kind regards,
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Excellent gld

  • Jonathan Hart

    This is underrated. Gold from me and directly saved as a favorite!

  • DrLiche

    I am definitely in love with your conversion ideas, and the paintjob is fantastic as well.

  • glenmurie

    The conversion work is outstanding, and the paintjob really does a great job of evoking the rot and decay of Nurgle. I assume the pilot doesn’t pop out in the first photo due to a lighting/camera issue.