Lothar Bubonicus - Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle
Lothar, thrice cursed, witchling child, given to the Dark Gods as a babe and raised by Pestigors. He holds a scythe made from the thigh bone of a Lord of Change, his bloated gut a mess of fangs and drooling tongue. Stay back lest he curse a pox upon you.

Had a blast with this one...I wanted to see if I could resculpt him into an open stance. I used the forearms and hands from the Chaos Lord on Manticore kit, as well as the scythe from the same kit. I added a head from the metal Nurgle lord on daemonic steed and sculpted a small baby head as a tumour on his neck. I used an OSL effect on his hand and eyes because he is a wizard and that's the way I like to roll.
  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Johnny your Killin it man…such a diverse artist the next time I’m talking to people about DaVinci and michaelangelo I’m going to bring up your name too….that’s where you belong mate…gold

    • Jonathan Hart

      Thanks John!! You’re killing me…with kindness! :)
      I feel I need to diversify even more and this year I’ve set myself some goals to paint a few pieces that are from other manufacturers and at different scales, let’s see where it takes me!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    This one is even better than the Slann ... very cool! I see your improvement in painting! Keep it up!

    • Jonathan Hart

      Thanks Roman!! Keep inspiring me with your beautiful work!!