This one was really fun to make. I used the metal „Weaver Widow“ and the Malifaux basing set: the cat, lamp, trashcan – I threw basically everything in there. I am very happy with the result though and this is one of my favorite minis of mine.

On this years Monte San Savino Show she was in my display of the Fantasy Master Painting category, which got silver.

Comments are always welcome.

  • PierreYves"LordB"Geneste

    WOW it’s everything I love!!!

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    I loved this on CMON and I love this piece here!

  • Karsten -Elaphus- Poepping

    Wow !!!

  • Jason Zhou

    Very creative and fantastic work on building up and painting this vignette!

  • Matt DiPietro

    This is epic. I love it!

  • Radovan DarkTower Rybovic

    My favourite diorama of the year! Really made my day. Creative, inspirative, deadly addictive! Thanx for sharing! GOLD

  • Christoph Blumenthal

    Thank you all for your kind words for a project, that started as just a crazy idea.

  • Martin Lindblom

    awesome huge inspiration

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Love that piece. Great weird base and cool athmosphere all around!

  • Erich_Strasser

    Hab die Figur in Ingolstadt “live” gesehen, gefällt mir sehr gut, Spitzenbemalung

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf