After watching the TV-show 'Spartacus' it was a big wish for me to paint a Gladiator. Additional it was a good start to take a small step in historical painting. Just a small view in it, because all the colors and signs (on the belt) are totally free style without any historical reference. Was much fun to paint it. Especially the big skin areas and the effects like blood, fighting marks and not least the dust of the arena. The miniature was a special cast from Tartar Miniatures for the miniature show in Stresa. Thanks again to my friend Götz, which one brought me mini from there!

The murmillo wore a helmet with a stylised fish on the crest (the mormylos or sea fish), as well as an arm guard (manica), a loincloth and belt, a gaiter on his right leg, thick wrappings covering the tops of his feet, and a very short greave with an indentation for the padding at the top of the feet. They are heavily armoured gladiators: the murmillo carried a gladius (64–81 cm long) and a tall, oblong shield in the legionary style. Murmillones were typically paired with Thracian, but occasionally with the similar hoplomachus. (
  • David Powell

    Really nice work!  Great skin tones and I like all the weathering on the figure.  Hopefully this won’t be your last historical figure

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS

    Nice siggi