Some weeks ago I started a project as a little filler between my latest diorama and the birth of your son in some days. A time limit was set and simple scenery was chosen and an old Dragon Jagdpanzer 38t was brought to use. I had the chance to also get a simple Eduard etchset and some old Verlinden figures which also found their way onto the base.
On my profile you´ll also find a picture documentation as a little step by step help how to get the results. On behalf of future releases in magazines I had to skip some pictures and be a little economical on descriptive text – I hope you can forgive me ;)
It’s the first time for me that I tried to bring a tank into a dynamic movement situation like this. I think it turned out okay, having in mind that I had to stay in the given time. I even have a good feeling on the figures, which have always been a troublemaker for me.
The whole project have been finished within 8 weeks, which is probably a record for me :D