Hi all,
i want to show you one of my resent projects i've did a couple of weeks ago,
by chance, it is now 200 years ago since the French army under Napoleon crossed the border
and marched to Waterloo.
This piece depicts a 'Chasseur a cheval' from the Imperial Guard around 1808 and was made by
Soldiers in white metal,sized 90mm.
It was not an easy kit to build because of all the separate parts,but i enjoyed it very much and
i've already looking forward for a next ''Classic Napoleonic project'' ,hope you like it,

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    This is excellent too.. love your work!

    • D@nny _

      Thx Jeff,i’m very glad you like it !

  • DimitriSoultanias

    Terrific details as ever Danny!

    • D@nny _

      Thx Dimi for your nice feedback!!