Thorag the Savage
I have recently been watching some Painting Buddha videos where Ben Komets is using a technique he calls 'The Loaded Brush'. I really liked the idea and especially the speed in which Ben gets very smooth gradients of colour that I had to try it out.

Thorag was prepped ready and waiting for some paint so he got the special 'Loaded Brush' treatment. So I used the technique anywhere I could.... the skin, the nmm, the leather, his vest, the turquoise bits... pretty much everywhere other than the fur!
  • Gert D'Hollander

    Awesome Peter,

    I guess we can call your experiment with the loaded brush as a succes. It’s an enrichment of your style!

    • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

      Thanks Gert! Yeah, it is a really lovely technique that I will most definitely be working with a lot more in the future :) I am glad you like what I have done!

  • Thomas Wasch

    For me probably the best version of this cool bust.

    • Peter 'Avicenna' Bell

      Thank you Thomas - funnily enough, I was looking at yours whilst I was painting mine :) It really is a lovely bust