Hi, I've painted this one miniature for Black Sailors ( Big child ) as a boxart , Albrokh has made it by the senior sculptor Ivan Santurio , This is a colaboration with Coolminiornot´s "Rum&Bones;", a special crossover between Captain Albrecht and one of the Black Sailors pirate.

i`ll upload a little step by step on my Facebook.

Hola, pinte esta figura para Black Sailors ( Big child ) como boxart, Albrokh fue estulpido por el gran Ivan Santurio, Esta es una colaboración especial con Coolminiornot y su juego "Rum&Bones;", un cruce especial entre el Capitán Albrecht y uno de los orkos piratas de los Black Sailors..

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I hope you like it !
see you.
  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    incredible painting…

  • Alex ✍

    As I have said before: I love your painting so much! Expressive, vidid and dramatic. Just wow!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Thank you ! I hope see your miniatures at MSS :)

  • José Manuel del Toro "Zwo"

    Me parece muy bonita e interesante! Principalmente, me encata el color de la gabardina :D.

    Oro!. Saludos

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Gracias! Subiré un pequeño paso a paso en mi fb

  • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

    This is so incredible! Philip Prinz needs to add another medal, maybe PLATINUM, this medal does the paintjob no credit!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Wow haha thank you! I hope get platinum medal at the future :p

  • Andreas NegerPLUS

    Wow. Love it!

  • FreemanPLUS

    Increíble, la combinación de colores es perfecta, y el juego de luces espectacular, la figura ya era buena, pero la has subido a otro nivel, enhorabuena!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Ya sabes lo que opino de tus figuras y las de Ivan, es una gozada trabajar con ellas :) muchas gracias Master :)

  • Jason Zhou

    Fantastic work! Really cool painting of this wonderful figure

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Thank you !!  Is an amazing sculpture and has a lot of possibilities.

  • Daniele "Found" TrovatoPLUS

    How can i have this wonderful sculpture?????
    I’d want to paint it like you!!! Great job!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Check blacksailors facebook to know how buy it, coming soon will be at shops , thank you ! :)

  • Conrad Mynett

    Probably my favorite piece this year

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Wow! Is an honor to me read a comment as that! :D thank you very much!

    • Conrad Mynett

      Oh, is there any chance this will be at Euro Militaire or Monte San Savino?

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      maybe at Monte San Savino ;)

  • Antonio

    UFFF. Que buena la pintura, llena de detalles!!! ORO como un pino!!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Muchas gracias Antonio, se agradecen esos comentarios :)

  • Yohan_Leduc

    Stunning!! One of your finest paintings!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      thanks Yohan! your works on Leben Models are awesome too!

  • Manuel Wenkert

    If I could vote Platin or a second or third time Gold I would do this! AWESEOME!!! Nothing more to say!

  • A.Demidov

    Браво! Атмосферно!

  • Armando Martijn

    Es una auténtica pasada, Sergio. Parece que tiene vida propia. En cualquier zona que mire… está genial!!!
    El juego de luces que tiene es espectacular.
    Grande, Sergio!!

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Muchas Gracias! es complejo realizar este tipo de pintura pero siempre es divertido plantearse retos! :)

  • Borja Garcia

    Amazing work! Congratulations my friend ;)

    • Sergio Calvo Rubio

      Sorry I can’t understand you my friend :P , gracias Borja ! :)

  • Daniel Lopez- Bustos (FeRRaMiS)

    ha quedado muy bonita, tremendo trabajo de pintura, enhorabuena!!

  • Patrick "The Small" Masson

    You know how much I love this piece. I was already a great fan of the sculpture but your painting brings even more to it. Incredible !

  • François-Xavier "Fx" HUET

    Incredible paint job !
    Obviously GOLD !


  • Julien_Reymond"Alabonnepeindouille"

    Really nice painting I love it!
    Colors are nicely works together!

  • Daniele "Found" TrovatoPLUS

    Sergio, one question: did you use an airbrush to paint it? More I see your painting and more I love it. Compliments already.

  • Luka 'Frost' Mrozek

    Wonderful. Gold well earned.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Gold gold gold platinum and diamonds….this is just one of the greatest painted minis in the history of miniature painting.

  • Daniele "Found" TrovatoPLUS

    When the miniature will be available at the shop? I want it!!

  • Jens Riber Poulsen

    I dont know where to begin with this model. The colours, the shading, the model… its just wow.