Sigmar’s Legacy
Sigmar’s Legacy
Sigmar’s Legacy
Sigmar’s Legacy
Hi all!

Finally I took pictures of my Sgl Fantasy project from Hussar 2015 which gave me GrandPrix
and ticket to Crystal Brush 2016 xD

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Sigmar's Legacy!

I hope you like it!

I tried to paint gold NMM as real as possible, it is not so warm, but I think it looks good :)

On his hammer and hammer on shield I tried paint steel nmm, and I think it looks not bad xD
Face is bone color because I like when heads are little different :)

Base is a carpet from the Sigmar's temple. It is one of my first freehands, but I hope it looks fine

All comments are very welcome! Feel free to share with me your opinions!

Next event is Monte San Savino Show 2015 in two weeks, I'm back to paint now!