Dwarf Dragon Slayer
Dwarf Dragon Slayer
Dwarf Dragon Slayer
this is my first project, I want to share with you.
How i saw this mini, I want to paint it. I wanted to make all classic attributes for Dwarf Trollslayers on this model. Striped pants, orange beard and mohawk, gold and tattoos.
I tried paint stripes on the pants to looks like blue ones are made from different cloth.
Beard and mohawk are painted to higher contrast because slayers used fatty hardener.
All metals are painted by nmm technique. Some parts are not very good, I'm still beginner in it.
I'm not good in drawing so I choose very easy motifs for tattoos. Dragon on the left shoulder is the most complex of them.
Because his long previous work in the mines and his short career as a warrior, the dwarf have coarsened and darkened fingers. His foots are also roughened because he is missing boots.
Base is simply from the box, I painted it like whole is from solid stone. I added small surface to the sides and to the front of the gaming base to hide it. The gaming base is able to move backwards and can be removed from wooden base to use it in the games.

Before my visit of the Warhammer Fest and Golden Demon last year (2014). My friend tells me. Take the Dragon Slayer. It is good. And he was right, because I was lucky and this mini takes silver trophy in the single fantasy category.

Thank you for your attention and I hope you like it.