Sculptor: Patrick MASSON
Painter: Martin GOUMAZ

Please find here the pictures of a project I have in mind for about 3 years trying to figure out how I can manage to sculpt this idea of the spirit of Autumn designed by leaves.

The story is a small girl revealing the spirit of Autumn by dancing in the leaves.
I wanted to have something in movement and aerial in which you have to look carefully to understand exactly what is happening. No it is not only leaves in the wind ;) Look carefully and you should really see her.

To accomplish this project, I had to have a very good painter, able to understand the poetry of it and to bring life to it with color. After seeing his best of painting piece last year, I was sure this was a project for Martin Goumaz and I want to thank him for the amazing painting he has done. I couldn't expect a better result.

We have got a silver medal in the Master Fantasy Open with it.

Hope you'll enjoy Autumn as we do.