On the Road Again Nurgle diorama
Hello everyone!

Here's one of my personal projects - Nurgle themed diorama, that i've called "On the road again".

The idea behind it is to show Blight Knights marching to war, but without any fear at all. Idea rather simple, but i wanted to achieve the merry mood of those characters, which are just having a good time while walking towards their next prey, which on the other hand will suffer terribly and most likely end being eaten or something.

I have converted those models to show that mood. So there's the bored sarge, with his trusted scythe, joking buddys in the 2nd line, where the middle one is telling some joke to his mates, and the chaos ogre who tries to pull the cow from the deep mud. The wise-ass banner bearer next to him, tells that he's doing his job wrong, and he should have walked differently to avoid the deepest mud. In the very end is the food supply cow, with a hopping nurgling beside her.
  • Nicolas "Gros Peintre" Réant

    I love the contrasts, the story and all the “special effects” you used. Gold!

  • luisgomezpradal

    So cool scene…i love the blue skin..congrats!!

  • DrLiche

    I really love everything on this diorama, its fabulous ! Obviously gold !