Steam samouraï girl, (35mm scale)
Steam samouraï girl, (35mm scale)
Steam samouraï girl, (35mm scale)
Steam samouraï girl, (35mm scale)
Next step of my work on the steampunk range, here the fourth one, please to check my profile for the previous ones :)
Kind of a different one. Mixing universe Steam Samouraï girl
Yep, it was a man on the concept, then I changed my mind ^^
35mm, fimo/sculpey firm, watch mecanisms
(Also some WIPs at the bottom to have a better view of the character)

Now for the "what the sculptor had in mind", here two details:
- On the knees, you'll notice a sign, it's not any lambda sign. In Japanese, it's the Kanji of "Fire", look at google ;)
- Second detail, why the banner is a bit burn but still present? If the banner burn, no chance it's stay in place right? From my point of view I imagine it in a flame retardant material. Considering this, I imagine her burning herself the banner to impress the enemy. Any clan has a banner, but a burning banner has more chance to affraid the enemy ^^
Ok, few chances other people than me imagine that, but I like stories in my miniatures ^^


  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Gold from me….it boggles my mind with wonder and sheer amazement regarding how you super talented professional sculptors sculpt something this small and so perfect….I mean the proportions can not get any better than this…you rock my man!!!

    • Gautier "Graphigaut" Giroud

      Many thanks for this kind message mate! This is for this kind of feedback from painters that I love my work and wish tu upgrade my skills everyday! Nothing is better for keeping intact the motivation, thank you, you make my day! :)