Painted as a gift for Man Jin Kim, this is my version, I wanted to practice adding more tones to my skin and introduce more textures too such as on the metallics and cloth. I really enjoyedpainting this piece and now I have better pictuers of it too :D
  • Jaroslaw Camelson Drabek

    My favourite piece from you so far my friend! :) Love the skin and texture on coat!  Also rust is amazing! :D great work! Gold!


    • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

      Dude, I owe much to where I am as a painter today, to you and all that help you gave me in the early days. Will always be appreciative of your time and help!

  • Jerome "Myrddin" Servais

    Nice work Jason. Lot of character ; )

  • Myfor Fancagne Didier

    nice ;)

  • Fausto "AbyssoulFP" Palumbo

    you have done really a great improvement, you’re doing really big steps my friend….

    go go go :D

  • Luis Méndez Juanola

    Nice work awesome textures!!!

  • Wiltrichs

    Amazing work there mate! Love it :)

    • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

      Thankyou, is big motivation these words, you were one of my inspirations when I use to visit cmon back in the day!!

  • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

    Whoa, some nice progress here! Congratulations, Jason.

    I like expression on his face and overall look! Niced zenithal.

    But one thing: I don’t like highlights on his neck. It looks like made with two halfs of something, I don’t know, maybe it’s just a scuplt… I propose you to blend it more and smoothly next time. Just saying :)

    Anyway, good job, very good bust! Keep going!


    • Sławomir Borysowski - "Sławol"

      Nice zenithal. Typo ;)

    • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

      Hey man, I totally get what you mean. I struggled with the brush strokes to blend the neck as I found it difficult to reach, if I remember correctly it was cast as one piece and if it wasn’t then I made a mistake and glued the head to the torso before painting. The angle of the brush was very unnatural, thanks for your kind words!!

  • Jason Zhou

    Great paintjob! Definitely one of your best works.

  • FranNarváez

    Gold for you bro!!

  • Brian Smith

    That is beautifully done Jason,I love the cloak colours as well,love brushwork,Gold for me

  • Petros ''Dirty Brushes'' Fotiadis

    good work my friend, you are getting better and better every timel, time to teach me :P Gold!

    • Jay Martin (Redrum)PLUS

      Hehehe thx friend, tbh I’m a little surprised by its score, but I defo take the GOLD and move on to the next one!!

  • brian snaddon

    Cracking paint job Jason.Like your textures and the metal.

  • Francesco "Franciuus" FarabiPLUS

    Good improvement Jason! and with this pictures all looks better!

  • D@nny _

    Dammmmmn ! ;-)

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"PLUS


  • Sebastian "Simon Moon" Reschke

    Simply love it! a stunning work mate!