Ragnar Blackmane
My Raganar Blackmane, Retro Tribute is finally finished!

And strangely in time with the the release of the new Ulrik Model from GW, maybe my Ragnar was being watched and chosen from afar........

I took my time really considering how to finish this guy but my gut told me he was done and as an artist i like to trust that feeling.
There is so much more I could have done, Battle damage, more freehand neaten bits here and there but I couldn't shake the feeling it was just be a show off or score points or whatever as opposed to make myself happy as a hobbyist. I can't wait to get this guy in the GW Manchester cabinet with the rest of my army.
This Project was meant to be the final cherry on my army cake but with the new Space Wolf kits out I may make a couple of exceptions, of course Ulrik the Slayer may be one of those exceptions!

I would like to say thanks to some guys who generously helped me out with this guy too. Luke Wilson, Shane Rozzel, Jon Hart, Paul Evans, Damien Pedely, David Rodriguez-Gonzales, Mark Tait.
Their eyes, brains, experience and generosity was invaluable!

(i'm babbling like just won an oscar so I will STFU now)

There are more pics here;

There's some WIP pics here too;