Four Seasons - of a Faun
Four Seasons - of a Faun
Four Seasons - of a Faun
Four Seasons - of a Faun
Started with the Autumn Kiss i luckily get my hands on three more.
So let me introduce :
and "Winterschlaf"

  • Erich_Strasser

    Great idea!!

  • Lucky-LBT

    Thanks to both of you !

    Wich of these beauties do you like best ?

  • Erich_Strasser

    I like the figure winterschlaf

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thank you Erich for the feedback

  • Roman "Light_one" Gruba

    Great idea man, love it!

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thank you Roman.

  • Luc "Windtalker" Vanpoucke

    Great idea and painting, congrats

    • Lucky-LBT

      Thank you Luc, i´m always happy when other painters like my ideas

  • pit rehmke

    Hallo Lucky,
    eine super Idee eine Figur durch die Bemalung in den vier Jahreszeiten darzustellen, es einsteht der Eindruck, vier Figuren zu sehen. Fantastische Arbeit!!
    Das verdient Gold

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Great conceptual art!

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    very nice project , gold

  • Theodoros Giannakopoulos

    Lucky, excellent realization of your inspiration !

  • Herman aka Glitterwolf