2nd Star Project - 003 “... And Then Straight On Until Morning”
2nd Star Project - 003 “... And Then Straight On Until Morning”
At the end let’s talk a little bit about this huge project we made that covered more than 2 years of preparation and 6 months of work. The idea to create something about the tales of Peter Pan was in my mind since my daughter was born. I just wanted to do something for the kids, with a child sensibility in some way, and i simply thought that Peter Pan was by far the best tale ever written.
We think a lot about that and Max prepared a lot of drawings and ideas. We wanted to tell the story of Peter with something that was not “normal and direct” we wanted to create an “icon”, we wanted to work around the idea of a “metaphor”, with much more symbolic reference than a normal way to tell the story.

We imagine all of this like a dance, something not really defined: it was an evocation of the story, and if you know the book you can find a lot of little easter eggs inside like the thimble (give me a kiss…) Nothing in this piece was intended to be realistic: in our thoughts it was like a big poster of a kids movie. Made by two stupid Peter Pans that never want to grow up…

"Why can't you fly now, mother?"
"Because I am grown up, dearest. When people grow up they forget the way."
"Why do they forget the way?""Because they are no longer gay and innocent and heartless. It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly.
"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it."
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    A Blast! Love this piece, one of my favs on CB!
    Congrats Francesco&Max;!

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    This is amazing my friens, I really love your work from this series.
    Just wow, no other words!!!

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    Really amazing work full of creativity and fantastic interpretation of the cool stuff in the mind of kids. Such an excellent collaboration between you and Max. Congrats to both of you on the great work!

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    Bellissimo! Complimenti, il mio preferito del CB 2016!

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    CONGRATULATIONS is beautiful , great grand painting sculpture, GOLD WHOLE LIFE…...................................................................And DAI June

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    Really thank you everyone for your kind word! We are really glad that you like it! :D

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