Garvan is not the most powerful, the fastest or the toughest mutant, but he is clever, he knows how to find and hide things. That’s why the other mutants keep calling him Garvan Sharpeye.

He always finds the best loot and that got him quite a good reputation along the mutant leaders and bosses. But the best things he finds, he keeps for himself, hidden away in his secret stash.

One of my early works of 2016. A small bust for my range 'Forged Monkey' at Fernando Ruiz Miniatures.

It's maybe simple, but a lot of fun to paint :)

He was sculpted using BeeS Putty Plastic Firm.

You can get a cast if you like at FeR
  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I love the glasses and the earing! A very cool sculpt and a lovely paintjob!