The Scale Model Handbook - Figure Modelling 11

Here we go again with a little review of the latest edition of the Scale Model Handbook published by Mr Black Publications.

The Scale Model Handbook – Figure Modellng 11 features step by step tutorials by Christos Katselos, Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth, Ioannis Tsiktsiris, Jesus Gamarra, Carl Startin “Carlos Figureart”, Ju-Won Jung and Mike Butler.

In this issue Mr. Black Publication presents seven nice articles of which four are very detailed. The other three are shorter but nevertheless interesting and straight to the point.


Byzantine Draconarius, 6th Century - 75mm - by Christos Katselos
Afghan Tribesman 1842 - 200mm - by Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth
Hidatsa Warrior 1835, Free Spirit - 75mm - by Ioannis Tsiktsiris
Ottoman Warrior - 90mm - by Jesus Gamarra
Stalingrad - 150mm - by Carl Startin “Carlos Figureart”
Kyle, Heir to the Blue Sun - 180mm - by Ju-Won Jung
Yound Desert Warrior - 180mm - by Mike Butler

Byzantine Draconarius
Afghan Tribesman
Hidatsa Warrior
Ottoman Warrior
Kyle, Heir to the Blue Sun
Young Desert Warrior

As always you can get the book from your favourite hobby shop or directly from Mr Black Publications.