The Scale Model Handbook - Figure Modelling 15

Here we go again with a little review of the latest edition of the Scale Model Handbook published by Mr Black Publications.

The Scale Model Handbook – Figure Modelling 15 features step by step tutorials by Man Jin Kim, Juanma Vergara, Louis D`Orio, Stelios Neofytidis, Sergey Popovichenko, Pietro Balloni and Javier “Arsies” González.

In this issue Mr. Black Publication presents six nice articles of which all are very detailed and focussing on different topics. There is also a special about Pietro Balloni with pictures of nine of his masterclass miniatures.


Michael Wittmann - Tiger Ace in Normandy - 200mm - by Man Jin Kim
Captain, the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders at Tel El Kebir 1882 - 54mm - by Juanma Vergara
Praetorian Guard 1st Century BC - 200mm - by Louis D`Orio
Private, 1st Battalion Gordon Highlanders, Le Cateau 1914 - 54mm - by Stelios Neofytidis
Bear Clan Iroquis - 150mm - by Sergey Popovichenko
Pietro Balloni´s Masterpieces - 9 miniatures
Rhino! - 100mm/75mm - by Javier “Arsies” González

Michael Wittmann
Praetorian Guard
Bear Clan Iroquis
Pietro Balloni

As always you can get the book from your favourite hobby shop or directly from Mr Black Publications.