After 3 month of painting, this is my version of Archaon! Thanks to Darren Latham, Max Faleij and Anja Wettergren for their good advice!
  • Robert Karlsson

    Amazing job!

  • Max Faleij

    You can tell sooo much work has gone in to this it’s crazy!! Really cool dude! Hope to see you at the GD winners day!

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Thanks MAx! Yeah, I have to paint something less big… like turtles, for exemple!! ;)

  • UFO70

    Stunnig! How long you paint on this figure? Oo

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Thanks! don’t know, may be 200 hours

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    Very impressive!

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Thanks a lot Roman!

  • Wilfried "Wilgor" Collas

    Nice version my friend ;) The wings are awsome :D

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Merci mon petit Wilfried!! ;)

  • Nicolas "Gros Peintre" Réant

    Rho putain !
    Désolé, je trouve pas plus constructif…

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Hehe! Merci Nicolas!

  • DimitriSoultanias

    Impressive work, incredibly detailed!

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Thanks a lot Dimitri!

  • Jason Zhou

    Stunning work with really amazing details!

    • Yohan_Leduc

      Thank you very much Jason! ;)

  • Marco Pescini

    Top version! Really an amazing work on it!!