Here is oldhammer again! Maybe some of you do not know, who Grom the Paunch is. If so, it`s worth to google it! This vignette is depicting Grom`s advance in the suburbs of Nuln, with hordes of greenskins swarming the deadly cannons encampments. The scene composed in total of 13 dead goblins, 1 dead dire wolf 1 maybe-dead troll, 1 goblin boss reporting, 1 giant cave squig and Grom himself, dancing on the back of his mount. Somewhere in the mess you can find 3 cannon crew bodies. Most of the base was sculpted from the scratch, but oldtimers sure will find some parts from various plastic greenskin kits.

More angles of Grom`s bloody triumph are here:

The unfinished (by now) article about sculpting, converting and materials used can be found at my Patreon blog:

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