This line of busts (far from the finish by now) is my way to say goodbye to Warhammer Fantasy Battles world. Although i`m not an active player for years, i loved that stylish fantasy universe. To be replased by AoS is not what it deserved. But as it happened, all i can do is to say goodbye. So many bloody battles, so many shining victories, and so many hopes unfulfilled and the stories untold. Fare thee well and rest in peace, old friend, you will live in the hearts of those of us, who remember your glory.

This is light conversion of Origen Arts Boudicca. As always, NO airbrushing, exept grounding.

More angles of that high elf girl are here:

Her dark half is here:

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  • Jero Miniatures

    In love woth her since I saw this piece on CMON. Very happy to see her here. Excellent farewell to Warhammer Fantasy!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    AWESOME! Loved it from the first second on when I saw it on CMON.
    Your last and third photos are the same, just to say ... love it!

  • Patryk "Paster03" Ciemięga

    Beautiful work! I love this smooth painting on her face and all these subtle reflections from blonde hair on clothes and banner. Definetely gold!

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Thanks, everyone.

  • Luke 'atacam' Wilson

    This without doubt my favorite piece by you. :)

  • Jonatan Gil - ElinhirPLUS


  • Luc "Windtalker" Vanpoucke

    SUPER, those clothes….wooow

  • Aleksandra Cvetanovski

    Wow, really nice interpretation of this bust. love it. :)

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    Thanks! And, sorry, just noticed that 2 similar pics were uploaded. fixed.

  • Peter "Baphomet" TothPLUS

    This textures are fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration… Gold :)

  • Carsten Abel

    A awesome paintjob!!! Hairs, skin, texture .....
    Breathtaking !!!

  • Jason Zhou

    Fantastic details and very clean paintjob. Great work indeed!

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"

    thanks for your comments, everyone!

  • Artem Romanov

    Man she’s perfect!

  • Krzysztof "REDAV" Kobalczyk

    After this one I still don’t want to paint my version. Epic work.

  • CriCri

    Such a lovely interpretation, full of magic and poetry <3

  • Ian Markon (Kuro Cleanbrush)

    This is just one of my all-time favorite busts!  You did such an inspired job with her!!!

  • Ian Markon (Kuro Cleanbrush)

    Your work is incredibly inspirational!

  • Evgeny Golubev


  • Militarist_Studio

    Нереальное качество! Просто фантастика! Абсолютный топ для меня!

  • Xavierator

    Amazing again, gold

  • Luca Oldani


  • joseluiscabrera


  • Tommy Gunn


  • Tommy Gunn