"Barney" is quite an old piece I have sculpted in 2009 from a concept by my brother Thierry MASSON.
I did fell in love with his drawing then I decided to do it in 3D as a surprise for him.
He is about 50mm height and was made in a mix of Super Sculpey and Sculpey firm with some metal inserts for the arms.

It was also my entry for the 2009's Ravage mix Open and this piece did win the Best of Sculpture and it was a big joy for me.

Barney is a character from a universe created by Thierry called "In the mood for ..." but it may change ;)
Anyway there are some other characters from this universe and I hope I'll find some time to make them in a close future.

For information, this piece has been casted and is available for sell as a resin kit by ARTIK TOYS (please contact me if interested). The 3 last picts are from a resin copy.

Hope you'll like him as I do.
  • Giraldez

    amazing,WOw :)

  • Jim Jackson

    a glorious sculpt ... so much fine detail, but more importantly, a wonderful innocence

  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    when i saw this for the first time i thought that it was sooo swet, subtle, sensitive and brilliant that now that i discovered that it was you..i must write you . very inspirational. i LOVE it

  • FearGFX

    He looks truly amazing! Also the concept by your brother is really inspiring and deep if you think about the though behind it!

    • Patrick "The Small" Masson

      Thank you, I really agree with you. The concept inspired me as soon as I saw it and I couldn’t do anything else than making him in volume.

  • George Tsougkouzidis

    amazing sculpt my friend

  • toni_nieto



    Really beautiful scuplt. One of my favorites.

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    Your works are incredible! Thank you for sharing.

  • John Margiotta "BloodASmedium"

    Sick sick sick gold gold gold.all these golds should raise your rating pretty significant .you deserve it all.

    • Patrick "The Small" Masson

      Thank you so much for all these John, I’m really touched you appreciate so much my work

  • David Diamondstone


  • Florian "Flosda" Danner

    Absolutely amazing work. Nothing left to say!

  • Casey Hastings

    Any chance of getting a resin copy?

  • Sjoerdvan

      This piece is really amazing! So much to take in with him. Is he still available to purchase? Dave

  • Sjoerdvan

    Awesome Patrick! Will it be on the Artik toys page? Dave

  • Sjoerdvan

      I sent you an email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Is that the correct current email? Dave