Happy Reign
“Peter Paul Rubens pictured Maria Medici in the image of Justice, a Goddess of jurisdiction and fairness. In her left hand she is holding a scepter, and in her right hand- scales.
On the right side stands Gallia with a male stature that symbolizes wealth that abounded Medici’s Yard. A wealth and abundance also impersonate two women standing in the left side of composition and holding laurel branches and coins which symbolize a Success. Near the throne’s elevation there are three paths (little kids) with attributes of the arts. Using three lying male figures, Rubens presumed to embody Ignorance, Gossip and Malice, which began to enroot in Maria Medici’s royal court.”
Material-WOOD: wild pear-tree.
My Art-Brand: "Paintings of P.P.Rubens (17-18th century) --> The canvases of Rubens in J.M.Nattie engravings (18th century )---> Ruben's artworks in high relief images of Vladimir Rusinov (21-th century )".
Hand made.