I tried to give the Knight a feeling of tiredness, exhaustion, a little sadness whilst looking menacing and ready to leap back into bloody combat in his holy war.

I really like this sculpt however there's two things I do not like about it and one preference that makes my painting representation not historically accurate. So please forgive me :-)

The first thing I didn't like about it is that it is well sculpted but actually a little bland. So I decided to do some freehand crests, filigree, fleur de lis and crosses etc. The second was that it was modelled on Orlando Bloom. Nothing against Orlando (maybe he's the blandness that bothers me?) but I like to make things up so I tried to not make it look like Orlando or him in Kingdom of Heaven.

The final point is that I like to go off on creative tangents to see where I land so please forgive me if the blue is not historically accurate, or the crests are made up etc. I also recognise the crest on his chest is like a big target but hey, they ran around with crosses on their chest! X marks the spot ;-)

Anyway as usual it was fun bust to play around with and I hope you like it.
  • pit rehmke

    Fantastic eyes,
    Good painting

  • Lucky-LBT

    Very fresh and cool concept for this bust.
    Maybe some painting-technical problems here and there but anyway very beautifull.

  • Jakob V

    Really bold expression!