Just wait
Though wide he may roam
A hero comes home
He goes where no one has gone
But always
A hero comes home

I imagined him passing through mountain forest, following the river spring. Traveling from a far, now finally coming near his home lands. Just one more day and on the road and Durgin and his loyal friend Grud will enjoy all hospitality of Kazhuk Izril mighty halls.

Let us all hope that day will pass uneventful,

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As for the pine tree, model is form Joefix Studio
  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    Very nice!

  • Roman LappatPLUS

    I really love your color choices, always. They are so different, yet they work so well. In this particular piece I really enjoy how the blue is reflecting back from the groundwork to the boar and dwarf. Somehow the tree is not included in this powerful bounce light. Just my feeling of the piece. Also I think too much green areas on the dwarf to not allow a good seperation for the viewers eye of what is meant to be what. Overall it is a strong silver from my point of view, but you asked for feedback and I hope you understand my feedback well - no offence, just my personal feedback. Keep on happy painting!