I painted this with Roman Lappat at our Private Coaching. I had a great time with Roman. He really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I learned so much.

I have thought alot about continuing to work on this piece as he has a hat and mouse friend. But I wanted to keep a record of the work I did in a class setting. It's a benchmark reminder of my forst crack at some atnospheric painting.
  • Alfonso Giraldes_BansheePLUS

    I can see roman’s soul here. and romans soul is a very special and unique one. I hope you treat it well, and with the respect it deserves.. specially now that you are doing ambiance classes. ;).

    it is always good to remind to the people who learned what and from whom he learnt it.

    beautiful sketch anyway. i like it a lot as a concept art for ambiance.

    well done!

    • Meg Maples

      I always credit those who I have learned from in my classes whenever I teach. I feel it is very important that people understand that we all learn from each other. I don’t keep secrets about my painting or my journey. If I can benefit another painter in some way, I consider that a win.

      Teaching the atmosphere classes the last couple months has really helped cement my ubderstanding of what Roman taught me. I feel like there is a whole new world opened up.

      Roman is possibly the best person I have met in the community. Such a giving soul. I had a great time staying with him while in Germany

  • Melnikov Ivan "Nakatan"