This was my entry in to this years Bust@ competition. My theme for this bust is 'Regrets'.

I began thinking of the war in Bosnia Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995 and my memories of seeing war victims who I felt looked like me and had lives prior to the war just like me. As a teenager and child of a military family this was one of my first experiences directly relating to victims of war. I remember the people wearing clothes like I would wear, sports cloths, jeans, t-shirts etc. It had a profound impact.

The theme directly relates to the failure of the United Nations security forces to protect the Muslim men and boys of Srebrenica in particular. The United Nations declared the Muslim enclaves of Sarajevo, Bihac, Tusla, Srebrenica, Zepa, and Gorazde to be “safe areas.” The Security Council did not, however, provide for the defense of these areas. In July 1995, the Bosnian Serb commanders launched an offensive against the eastern enclaves of Srebrenica and Zepa; they massacred over 7,000 men in Srebrenica. The mass killing served as a tipping point to western resolve to bring a decisive end to the conflict.


I hope it is emblematic of 'regrets' pays respect to those that lost their lives on all sides of conflict.
  • Winterland

    Good work

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    looks great!, good work!

    • Richard SharpPLUS

      Thank you. I tried to keep it very simple and not go overboard.

  • jonty hawkes

    good to see meaning brought to life so well