This is a present for my wife. I saw this gnome and immediately thought of her grandpa, Alan Bowman. Alan was an engineer, artist and all round nice bloke. He hand built just about everything including his tools. I thought how apt that gnome's are known for their engineering and building in mythos. Alan was a lovely man, who always greeted you with a smile and a massive handshake that bellied his small stature (compared to me!) I hope this painting does him justice.
  • Luis Salamanca "Herald"

    Amazing bust! Love the expression of the face, and the amazing skin tone, so full of fantastic and varied tones. Great job!

    • Richard SharpPLUS

      Thanks Luis. Very kind of you to say. Please feel free to vote if you can :-)

  • Paul Bullock

    I really love this piece and your story. I love the blue side of the hat, the cracked finger nail and the shading around the eyes. Bravo, this piece makes me happy.

    • Richard SharpPLUS

      Thanks Paul. There’s an old school sternness but goodness, warmth and a hint of playfullness I wanted to convey. Just like my wife’s grandpa. I mean the guy built his own rotary sander out of a washing machine engine! Love the resourcefulness of that generation.

  • Paul Bullock

    If I may though, I dont think you need the smoke from the pipes mouthpiece, it detracts from the smoke from the bowl and being a pipe smoker, they dont smoke from the mouthpiece.

    • Richard SharpPLUS

      Hmm. That last wisp of smoke at the mouthpiece was added on a whim. I imagined he had just taken a draw but wasn’t quite sure what it looked like. It’s easily removed though so will remove and touch up this weekend.

  • Marc MussatPLUS

    lovely bust !
    love the atmosphere !

  • Jose_A_Alfonso

    looks great!

  • Jeff Burns "Tinman"

    Dude! This is a great little piece!!