My latest painted work - 1:9 dwarf veteran bust from Raccoon Miniatures.

The sculpting and casting of this bust is of very high quality. It represents a classic dwarf image in my mind and allows me to paint additional facial features such as scars, wrinkles, a mole and a bruise around one of brow bones depicting him as a veteran.

It was a pleasant experience for me to paint this bust. Hope you like this new work of mine. Any questions or comments are truly welcome.
  • Max RichieroPLUS


    • Jason Zhou

      Thanks a lot, Amon!

  • Wouter Schaap

    Totally cool rendition of this miniature. The fabric pattern in the green collar shows your attention to detail, together the wide range of color tones, textures and contrast. When I opened the image, I didn’t read who painted it, until I looked at the nose and cheeks, first name that popped to mind was Jason Zhou.

    • Jason Zhou

      Thank you so much, Wouter. When I planned the painting of this bust, I tried to incorporate more levels of contrast from different aspects like tones (triadic color scheme for face, cloth/cloak and base), luminosity, saturation and various textures to emphasize the visual focuses for viewers and make them pop up. Glad you like the final result and much appreciated for your kind words.

  • Paolo-Di-Poce

    absolutely gold

    • Jason Zhou

      Many thanks, Paolo :)

  • Leonardo "LeoPelo" Archini

    No words other than gold forever!

    • Jason Zhou

      Thank you so much, Leonardo

  • Nick M

    Absolutely stunning, Jason!

    • Jason Zhou

      Thanks a lot for your nice words, Nick

  • A.Demidov


    • Jason Zhou

      Many thanks, A.Demidov

  • gino2dope poppe

    That skin is just perfect : Gold!

    • Jason Zhou

      Thanks a lot, Gino

  • Winterland

    Great work, i like the skin tones

    • Jason Zhou

      Very happy you like it. Thank you, Winterland

  • Jero Miniatures

    You bring this piece to life! It really feels like he is breathing. Awesome Jason! Can’t stop watching the details on the skin. I can even feel the veïns and blood beating underneath!

    • Jason Zhou

      Thank you very much for your warm comment, Jero. Yeah, I tried to paint additional facial features helping bring more life to this dwarf veteran character who I think is strong, very skillful at surviving in tough environment and combating on battlefield. Glad to know it works and you like it.

  • Raccoon-Miniatures

    Oh my Dwarf!!~~~

    • Jason Zhou

      haha, what will be the next?  :)

  • Sergey Savenkov

    Very cool!

    • Jason Zhou

      Thank you, Sergey. Glad you like it.