The latest work I finished painting recently – 1:10 WW2 German Paratrooper (Fallschirmjäger) bust from Nutsplanet.

It has been a pleasant experience for me to paint this bust. I tried to paint a directional lighting effect with a few degrees offset to one side in order to add some interesting points to the bust because the pose of this bust is sort of too symmetrical for my taste and I just want to introduce something to unbalance the symmetry to some extent.

This bust took more time for me to finish painting than any of the other busts I have painted so far. It has a lot of equipment and details to be painted as various textures and different surface materials. Before and during my painting, I collected and referred to quite a few historical pictures to get a more accurate idea on how the originals look like.

I have also shared a quick tutorial regarding how I painted the textured parachute. If you have interest, you can find it in the description of my previous album on Facebook at

Hope you like it. As always, any comments or suggestions are truly welcome.