This model popped up on my Facebook feed and I knew straight away I would buy it. It was only a matter of time. It took a few weeks but I caved and got her. I put her on my shelf of models to paint when I got excited for her. I saw a really cool version of her with a painted background, something I've seen a bit of recently, and I decided to try doing one!

I made the base and the backdrop and had it sitting on my shelf for a while. I hadn't done anything with it until another painter messaged me and asked to get together for a painting day. He came over and watched me paint and the techniques I use, and I painted her up. I spent a total of 6 hours on her, and 3 hours on the base. Everything seemed to work, the colours I chose and the way I was painting her. I am really happy with her! It was cool to just paint something unplanned, raw and fun, not worrying about perfection.

Appreciate your comments as always. :)